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DRC was founded in 1992. Today it is a company with a strong presence not only on the national territory but also in many European countries. 

We develop, produce and market highest quality bicycle components. We believe in the continuous search for increasingly advanced solutions for product development.

Italian genius , design and know-how are the heart of our pursuit of perfection.

What does "High Performance Parts" mean?

It means seeking perfection and the ideal balance between the various components to achieve maximum reliability.

DRC products are well known and widely used on off-road racing fields. 
We can say out loud that we were the first to switch from the 19 / 21mm inner width to the well-known 25mm XXL and to adopt the motorcycle-derived Hookless shoulder system in aluminum rims. 
This allowed the creation of a unique 

DRC certainly wanna to neglect the strategic sector and in fact it is also investing a lot to expand its range of Road Disc and Gravel rims. 

Each of our products has been developed by expert riders with one goal: to offer maximum performance for an unforgettable riding experience.

Italian know-how and innovation have played a fundamental role in the growth of DRC, from a simple subcontractor company to the main Italian supplier of high-end wheels. 
Passion and experience always push us towards new goals.

- Italian manufacture of alloy rims

- design 100% made in Italy

- the most complete range of racing       wheels in the world

- best weight/performance ratio

- customization with laser graphics

- innovation and technologies always ahead 

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