D.R.C. SRL, founded in 1992, is dedicated to the development of new technological solution. Our continuous product research towards a lighter product, which is at the same time efficient and resistant through the use of metals with high structural characteristics, enable us to offer high quality products to the italian and export markets. All our models are designed by us respecting international standard regulations using a 3D CAD programme that allows us to verify all technical issues (axial and radial forces, balance, aerodynamics and design). The introduction of wear control on all models and the use of lasers for the identification of our products permit our company to create a product suitable for all markets and in accordance with the directives of every country.

We make
Standard drilling: 12-14-16-18-20-24-28-32-36-40-48
Special drilling: 24 holes 16/8 – 36 holes 9×4 – 32 holes 8×4 – 21 holes 14/7
Drilling of carbon rims with measures of up to 85 mm.
Drilling with transversal and longitudinal axial tilt of up to 5°.
Personalised logo markings and/or written utilising a laser source with YAG current.
All drillings are made with points completely covered in hard metal for a net removal of metal.

Our company produces rims to a high standard. Considering that this component of the bicycle is subject to significant forces due to the type of assembly, weight of the cyclist, type of road surface and pressure and type of tyre, it is clear that the maintenance of this part must be carefully controlled. First of all, we suggest choosing a model relevant to the particular sport and considering the weight of the cyclist; we believe our product range will satisfy every type of requirement. As far as maintenance is concerned, we list some important considerations:

  • inflate to the pressure indicated by the manufacturer (our advice is to slightly reduce the pressure after use);
  • clean the rims with water and soap regularly avoiding use of solvents or aggressive liquids;
  • remove all foreign bodies from the brake pads – replace these if undue wear and tear is shown.
  • ensure spokes are tightened correctly – excessive tension subjects the rim to high stress.;
  • periodically check the brake wear index situated in the braking area of the rim; if the line indicator is no longer visible action must be taken to substitute the relevant parts;
  • check the general condition of your rims regularly especially where there is contact with the spokes as these produce increased stress;
  • always insert an adequate flap in the rim in order to allow the tyre to grip without interference.

Respect of the above indications will ensure a long life for your rims and the certainty of enjoyable use.